Reducing Fossil Fuel Use

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 Not only are such resources finite in nature making them unsustainable, but their use has also been one of the primary reasons for environmental degradation. It is because of the extraction process and the emissions from the use of fossil fuel that many animals are now on the verge of extinction with numerous other species fast approaching the same status.

The polar bear is which has seen dwindling numbers because of the destruction of its habitat thanks to oil drilling is just one such example. Even though they may not happen too often, accidents such as oil spills, when they do happen, interfere with marine ecosystems.

Often, discussion on reducing fossil fuel use is focused on the global oil and coal extraction companies. However, there are things that each person can do to reduce the amount of fossil fuel they use. After all, if there is low consumer demand for fossil fuel, this will in turn force energy companies to channel more resources towards other more sustainable forms of energy.

One way, you can reduce fossil fuel is by buying a car that uses diesel. Diesel can be made from non fossil fuel based components. Biodiesel oil is now readily available in fueling stations in several countries in the world. Alternatively, whenever possible, you can ride a bike, take a bus to work or even walk. Although it can be difficult to cut off reliance on a car once you have gotten used to it, keeping at it will see you reap the rewards. Living close to your work place is also a great way to deal with fossil fueled commuting. 

Better yet, you can work from home, which will in turn eliminate the need for fossil fuel that would arise from regular motorized commuting. You could raise the subject with your boss and agree on a trial phase. If it proves practical and does not compromise the quality of your output in the workplace, you could completely transition to telecommuting. If you cannot be away for long periods from the office, you could suggest a reduction in the number of days you have to come to work say per week.

Make use of energy that is virtually inexhaustible - go solar. It must be said that solar power is presently expensive to install, but due to its growing popularity and adoption by the masses, the price of this technology is slowly falling, and now there are many inexpensive solar power kits on the market. You could have a staggered transition by starting slowly with installing solar panels for low power consuming items such as lighting and then gradually increase capacity to cover all other electricity needs in the home.

Turn part of your lawn into an organic farming garden. The food that you eat will not need to be airlifted from thousands of miles away (powered by fossil fuel) neither will you need to drive to the grocery. For maximum effect, avoid using petroleum based fertilizers when farming.

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Reducing Fossil Fuel Use

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This article was published on 2010/10/25
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