Natural Resources Should Be Used For Producing Electricity Than Fossil Fuels

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Since the invention of electricity it has been mostly produced by the use of various fossil fuels for the supply purposes by the electricity suppliers. Such Fossil Fuels are made from the decaying of skin and the mixed up of body fuels in the earth and these fossils get ready after so many years of there decaying. The reserve of these fossil fuels is plenty but is going to get eliminated after a few hundred years because we all are using these fossil fuels immensely these days for producing electricity. These fossil fuels are the petroleum products and the coal and natural gas. The cost or the price of there production is low and they are easily taken out but in the coming hundred years there would be no reservoir of such fossil fuels be left on earth so a new form of things should be looked for the production of the electricity.

There are various types of fossil fuels which are used in the production of the two most saleable products or the two most frequently used things known as the gasoline used in homes and the petrol which is used in the transportation vehicles and loads of other places so the these produces so many things but the point which needs to get a thought done is that these fossil fuels are those which can not be created themselves so a new  source should be made by which there should not be any problems for the production of the electricity.

The fossil fuels uses are immense and we all know this. The fact from the beginning of the industrial era the fossil fuels have been the one with the help of which we have come this far but one thing which we all have ignored is the fact that by the use of these fossil fuels we have destroyed of planet earth that is due to extensive out come of heavy smokes in the air through the various cars and other transportation vehicles and from the smoke chimneys in the factories we have changed the environment on the earth that is there is climate changes and most effect which has been caused is the global warming which has huge effects on all of us in coming years.

Even though we all know that we are polluting our planet earth but we still all of us can not control it so we all should use other natural resources more as compared to the fossil fuels.

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Natural Resources Should Be Used For Producing Electricity Than Fossil Fuels

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This article was published on 2010/11/22